Thursday, December 2, 2010

Take a Look at First Book

I am a new member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority. I have enjoyed learning new things and being part of something that means so much to more than just me. Pi Phi, along with the other sororities, raises money for a charity that means something special. Pi Phi raises money for a foundation called First Book. The name pretty much explains it all; First Book is a charity that ensures that an underprivileged child somewhere in the world will get his or her very first book. It is our goal to raise money and collect used or new books in order to help children in need of books. We also focus on the importance of being literate. Most people do not know that if a child is unable to keep up by the third grade, they will most likely never be literate. Children everywhere are being left behind in school with no means of help. Pi Phi is taking every measure to promote our cause.


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